The Amaya Family Cabins, at Poor Man's Paradise Resort, is located on the Amaya family homestead along remote Playa Ricon on the Peninsula de Osa. This is the last frontier of Costa Rica.

Accessible reliably only by horseback or boat this is the world of generations past. The Amaya Family Cabins are  next to one of the most biologically important spots on the planet, Corcovado National Park. Playa Ricon itself is virtually uninhabited where the only traffic seen is occasionally on horseback.

Many of the local inhabitants on and behind the beach are related to the Amaya family, who were pioneers in this special corner of Costa Rica.


The Beach

The Playa Ricon has one of the largest concentrations of scarlet macaws in Costa Rica, and are seen daily  snacking on the almond trees along the beach. The Pacific ocean out front looks out directly toward Cano Island providing some amazing sunsets. A favorite activity is just hanging out at the beach; swimming, boogie boarding, walking or just reading a book in a hammock. This portion of Pacific ocean is the perfect spot for deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching and has an amazing number of endangered sea turtles. Playa Ricon is also very active protected sea turtle nesting site. Turtle releases are common during the nesting season.


The Rainforest

The resort and cabins back into into rainforest and the still partially working Amaya family farm, A specialty of the family are the horseback tours through the farmland and rainforest along the edge of Corcovado National Park, or take the horses to one of the best Canopy Tours in Costa Rica or just tour along the beach. No one knows this area better. Tours of Corcovado National Park are available with Consuelo Amaya (who speaks English, German and Spanish) who is one of the most experienced guides in this area of Costa Rica as well as from Samuel Amaya. Consuelo and her brother Samuel also give birding tours and have identified over 80 species of birds on the resort property itself.


The Resort


Review Amaya Family Cabins

The original resort on the property is Poor Man’s Paradise and is run by the oldest son Pincho. The Amaya Family Cabins are offered by the younger siblings Anna, Sonia, Carlos and Katherine, all of which live on the property except for Sonia. Each of the four siblings has cabins on their portions of the property each with their own unique natural settings. All lodging rates include three meals a day at the family restaurant run by Carmen Castro Amaya (the mother of Pincho, Anna, Sonia, Carlos and Katherine).

The normal way to reach the Amaya Family Cabins is by boat from either Drake Bay or Sierpe. The Sierpe trip is itself a tour as  you will pass through the mangroves of the tidal Sierpe River, then across Drake Bay and then along the Pacific Coast.

This area of Costa Rica is a bit expensive relative to the more developed areas of Costa Rica due to the need to bring in all supplies by boat but the Amaya Family Cabins allows you the opportunity to travel to the Osa Peninsula and the Drake Bay area at a reasonable price, as well as to directly enjoy the warmth of the Amaya Family.

The Amaya Family would love to share their homestead and the secrets and beauty of this area with you!